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Link to us and help us redistribute money owed to Slavic people.

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Link to us. We are a non-commercial website of the World Slavic Congress, defending the interests of all Slavic peoples, and fighting against discrimination and antislavicism. Those websites (webmasters) who link to us will be asked to help the World Slavic Congress distribute the money owed by international criminals, fascists and others to the Slavic peoples, to the families of Slavic victims of German Fascism, Swiss Fascism, and other Slavic victims of international antislavicism. In total it is estimated that it is around 250 billion U.S. dollars. Only by uniting together, only as a united force can the Slavic people (with the help of Slavic webmasters) get what is due to them and redistribute these funds to the victims.

Please use one of the icons and banners on the left to link to us: Link to us and make a translation of our pages available to your visitors in a language they can understand.


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This is the official website of the radical wing of the World Slavic Congress
To visit the website of the moderate wing, click here.